Bridal Show Invitation Promotion

Hi, if you've been invited to attend one of our Bridal Seminar Kitchen invitation's this should be helpful.


At each show we select 10-20 couple to come in and give their opinions on some of our new lines of china, crystal, cookware and cutlery.

We do a demonstration on the china, crystal, cookware and cutlery and even do a little cooking demonstration where we get your opinions (usually some food tasting too). This also allow's you to see what we have so, whenever your in the market you know who to come to. It usually takes about 70-80 minutes for the  presentation.

The promotions do change but, if you receive hotel accommodations, those are good for 3-days and 2-nights.  You must get to where you are going and are responsible to pay any taxes.

Most hotel's allow 5-20% promo space that they share with travel company's as a form of advertising. Therefore travel date's are based on availability. As soon as that promo space has been given out - that date is no longer available. So, you might want to not just give one, but two-three date's you would like to travel. Although there are many of the hotels that you might receive the promotion from, a lot of ours are through the Raddison's, Sheraton and Ramada's. 

At Painless Kitchen, we work with  a number of products and brands. Here is a glimpse of one of our products in some of our demonstrations